TERRA on Unity5 Games Engine

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With the release of Unity 5 a few months ago, the team here has been busy in porting over the game over to the latest version of the Engine from 4.x to 5.x. The advantages are clear with Unity5 in a more visual appealing game that the engine can offer as we push it to it's extreme and extra performance. 

There has been a few snags along the way, some of our older content broke across the board and fixing these parts has been time consuming. As Unity5 stables out from the initial release with many updates since, we have also been upgrading the project along the way. This does cause some issues but we have less bugs by doing it this way bit by bit. Overall we are quite happy with Unity5 and while we have lost some time here & there on it along with some other issues around - we are making up ground now to get the game out for release on Steam Early Access.

It still looks like a mountain to climb by Christmas with the art side, programming, gameplay & polishing off. While Early Access is to showcase early games and have fans support the developers - we are looking to release a fairly large version of the overall game, not just a level or two with the odd gun here or there. Maintaining quality and packing in enough content is no small feat.. when so close to the finishing line of finally releasing a public version of the game after so long in development. 

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